• TOSKANIcosmetics, Cosmetics Medical Mediterranean Excellence Award 2014

    TOSKANIcosmetics, Cosmetics Medical Mediterranean Excellence Award 2014

    TOSKANIcosmetics is a brand dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of medical cosmetics and aesthetics. The origin is back to the 50s, in a small pharmacy located in Barcelona belonging to the Xalabarder family. This family, with a long tradition and pharmaceutical vocation gave a greater role to the pharmaceutical compounding and gradually established itself as a leading laboratory in the development of formulations for all medical disciplines. Since then, in 1995, due to the increasing demand for customized formulations for patients of the dermatological and aesthetic sector, it was started a new line of business focused on this type of products, so TOSKANIcosmetics brand was born.


    It is in 2005, after a long experience in the industry and a constant research and development on this field, the brand specialized in manufacturing and international marketing of cosmetics and beauty treatments.


    The effort of TOSKANIcosmetics is combine modernity, edge technology and tradition accumulated over half a century of experience. Therefore it has been awarded the Mediterranean Excellence Award 2014 in the category of Medical Cosmetics. The award will be presented at a gala on December 12th at the Hotel Las Arenas in Valencia.
    As one of the most worldwide recognized cosmetics brands, ToskaniCosmetics aims to respond to the end user through a network of over 40 distributors with quick and efficient service and constant product development. Although its headquarters are in Barcelona, TOSKANIcosmetics has a large global presence by participating in international fairs and giving seminars around the world to train medical professionals.


    The international presence shares the spotlight with Toskani Pharma Gambia, a pharmaceutical company established in West Africa which will supply medicines to the west countries of the continent.


    About the Mediterranean Excellent Awards

    The first edition of the Mediterranean Excellence Awards is an initiative of the company EL Suplemento SL, as a part of its strategy to expand its presence and to acknowledge the work and talent of companies and personalities in the Spanish society. These awards are intended to value the work of entrepreneurs in many different sectors working day by day to position the Spanish brand and Spanish business network at very high level, both here and beyond our borders.


    In this sense, El Suplemento company has already held three editions of international Awards. Now, the intention is to expand this philosophy to the different Spanish geographic areas and reward the talent in the Mediterranean area with these Awards # Mediterráneo Excelente. It will be valued the innovation, creativity, social responsibility and internationalization of Mediterranean companies that have managed to be placed at the forefront business through the “know-how”, the differentiation and effort. There will be a total of 30 winners at the gala, that will be held on December 12th in a lovely upscale setting, Las Arenas Hotel in Valencia.


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