Social Policy

Toskani Cosmetics has committed since its creation by improving health in development countries. Thus, since 2001, Toskani Pharma Gambia manufacturate medicines in the industrial area of Brikama, Gambia. From there, distributes medicines to all hospitals in the countries of the region and neighboring countries, offering locally produced medicines, accessible to the entire population, through the elimination of costs and tariffs on imports. 

95% of the team of Toskani Gambia Pharma Ltd. is local. Also committed to the training of qualified personnel and jobs of high value added for the country’s development.

Environmental Policy

La manufacture of cosmetic products on the premises of Neftis Laboratorios, plant itself, necessarily creates some waste. These wastes are managed with full rigor and efficiency, taking into account policy of reuse, recycling and disposal, both in the materials used in the improvement and optimization of processes in which energy plays a crucial role:  the solar energy, the reuse of water produced by purification plant or installation of equipment with A +++ environmental rating  they are factors that define our concern on the morning of our planet.

Connoisseurs and aware of the use of energy by state changes, simple installation methods of the rejection of the purified water generation equipment water spray, permitted the installation covers, with its consequent energy saving and reduction of emissions into the atmosphere.