Nutritive Complex for Poli Revitalizing acts deep in skin cells thanks to its bioidentical composition:

49 Bio Nutrients + Hyaluronic Acid

+ Total skin rejuvenating effect: Immediate Radiance and Hydration improvement for Rejuvenating and Poli Revitalizing skin programmes

+ Particular  improvements in dermal  elasticity and skin tightening through  balancing  levels of Elastin, Collagen and many other molecules that make up the ECM (Extra Cellular Matrix), improving  skin tone and appearance


5 ml vial



Main ingredients

Hyaluronic acid + 10 Vitamins + 25 Aminoacids + 2 Coenzims + 4 Nucleic acids + 2 Reducing agents





  • Vitamins

  • Moisturizer

  • Biorevitalizer

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