Matrix Repair Mesoserum


Matrix Repair Mesoserum is a powerful skin mesoserum which redensifies and restores the volume of the face and neck. Its efficiency is based on unique active substances incorporated to help prevent the harmful effects of UV which cause the chrono-aging skin process.

Thanks to the synergy of the active ingredients the skin becomes denser, firmer, more elastic, luminous and renovated. The depth of the wrinkles on the forehead, nasal furrows and lip contour areas decreases whilst the thickness of the extracellular matrix increases, resulting in an improvement in the retention of water and endogenous nutrients by the epidermis. Externally the skin is denser, smoother and with a healthier and hydrated appearance.

It has excellent properties for the acceleration of the collagen renewal process and volume-creating filling substances for a redensified skin with increased extensibility.



30 ml airless


Main ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid MW & XS + Argilerine + Collagen + Elastin + Retinol




  • Collagen booster

  • Smoothes fine wrinkles

  • ECM redensifier

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