Cremigel Anticelulítico


Favors the mitochondrial activity and promotes drainage of the tissue. Increases the selective breakdown of fatty nodules, which are reduced gradually, obtaining visible results in few time. Its components act directly on fat and dissolve gradually. The continued use prevents the appearance of cellulite and 'orange skin'. Contains

- Caffeine as a reducing agent of lipid accumulation within the adipocyte, activate lipolysis and inhibits lipogenensis.

- Carnitine: 'Fat Burners' par excellence, acts as a stimulant of mitochondrial activity, favors muscle activity

- Extract Equisetum is desinfiltrante, remineralizing, promotes drainage in tissue and helps in the elasticity thereof.

- Horse Chestnut Extract as aescin carrier promotes capillary microcirculation, is ant-edematous because it increases the permeability and cell oxygenation.

- Fucus vesiculosus contains iodine to mobilize the fluids retained and activate lipid metabolism.

- Asiatic Centella extract modulates the development of connective tissue, improves capillary permeability and has some anti-edema action. 


50 ml tube

500 ml dispenser



Main ingredients

Caffeine + Carnitine + Horstail + Buckeye + Aescin + Fucus




  • Lipolytic

  • Reductor

  • Fat

  • Cellulite

  • Drainage

  • Microcirculation

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