Cell Architect Mesoserum


Cell Architect Mesoserum is a powerful cocktail with firming and repairing properties designed to fight against the symptoms of sagging, flaccidity and loss of firmness caused by the chrono-ageing process.

Cell Architect Mesoserum, with a soft and non-greasy texture, acts directly on the cells creating new fibers, generating a “lifting effect” and improving the vitality of the skin.

This mesoserum is enriched with active moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which enhance the creation of collagen and elastin – components totally necessary for the skin - and helps to rebuild a smooth and resilient skin structure. It provides elasticity and firmness and helps to visibly smooth fine expressions lines.



30 ml airless


Main ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid MW + DMAE + Organic Silicium + Collagen + Elastin + L-Carnitine




  • Firms and renews skin preserving a youthful look

  • Improves skin smoothness

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