Fenol TCA Eraser


The benefits of Fenol TCA Eraser peel is a substantial improvement in skin texture, tightening effect that attenuates wrinkles and helps reduce signs of aging. By removing the top layers of the skin, a finer and smoother skin is born, with a lighter tone and free of the imperfections that have accumulated over time.

Fenol TCA Eraser causes cell regeneration and this in turn stimulates the production of new natural collagen, which improves the production of elastin and that facilitates the tightening effect.

Because it is a medium-depth chemical peel, the results of a Fenol TCA Eraser procedure last longer than superficial peels and its effects are immediate.


50 ml bottle




Main ingredients

Phenol + Trichloracetic Acid




  • Substantial improvement in skin texture

  • Tightening effect that attenuates wrinkles

  • Helps reduce signs of aging

  • Causes cell regeneration

  • Stimulates the production of new natural collagen

  • Improves the production of elastin

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