Chemistry and physiology are a part of the nature in our work. In this sense, Toskani intends to convey, through treatments that we design, the global concept of health and wellness at all levels and in all aspects.

The members of the company are capable the commitment to continuous improvement, productivity, respect and society.

The skills related to attitude and motivation, create synergies and enhance creativity, fun and productivity. Only in this way you can create a strong team of Toskaniers who enjoy every challenge and every purpose. At the same time, we consider the empathy of people, in the work environment, as powerful as their training tool.


  • Reconciling work and family

  • 50% of management positions and 70% of the workforce are women

  • ¨Open door” Policy for communicating with the management of any Department

  • Intensive Schedule

  • The simplifation process allows for horizontal and bidirectional communication and direct. At the same time, allows quick and efficient decision-making

  • Anniversaries, another reason for celebration in our company

  • We provide transpot to employees who require it, optimizing fuel consumption