The owner of this promotion is the commercial company TOSKANI, S.L., with TIN: B- 58496324, registered in the Trade Registry of Barcelona, Volume 9216, Sheet 78 Book; 2425.72a, Page Number 111013, First Entry. The purpose of this promotion/ contest is to promote our products and to carry out a contest among our followers of our profile on FACEBOOK, consisting of a set of four products of Toskani Cosmetics.


All individuals who meet the hereby established conditions may take part.



The contestants of this promotion must be of legal age, with legal residence in Spain and followers of the TOSKANI, S.L. profile on Facebook.



From 23th of June and 3rd of  July 2015



To participate in this promotion and/ or contest the users and/ or contestants shall:

- Be followers of our profile on FACEBOK

- Complete the form

- Click “LIKE” on the photo of our product, or comment about our product

The contest is valid for all comments and actions carried out from 23th of June and 3rd of  July  2015 until 12 pm (UTC +1). On the day 8th of July 2015 TOSKANI, S.L. shall publish the names of the winners of the contest in their own page of the TOSKANI, S.L profile on facebook. The prize for the winners shall consist of a lot of products of TOSKANI, S.L. In case of impossibility in contacting the winner in the period of 30 days, the organizing company of this promotion exempt from any responsibility and they may choose another winner.



1. The contest participation implies the contest being the holder of a Facebook account and they must respect their terms and conditions (https://www.facebook.com/legal/terms)

2. The prize acceptance by the winner means the giving of consent to the organization to use their name for publicity purposes in the promotional material related with this campaign.

3. The participation in this promotion implies the complete acceptance of these conditions and the expressed submission of the interpretative decisions from which TOSKANI, S.L. make.



1. As set forth under in Organic Law 15/1999, on Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL), its developing regulation, and Law of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LISSEC) 34/2002, on 11th July, informs all users that provide their personal data or take part in our promotion and therefore provide their personal data through the profiles of the TOSKANI, S.L. company in the social networks, that with their participation they are giving their consent to the use of their personal data within the environment of these social networks, and the pursuance of the conditions and policies of said networks.

2. The contestants accept, through the participation in the contest on Facebook, that the contents and comments that shall be published on Facebook may be shared with the rest of the users of this and other social networks. For this reason we recommend reading and understanding the privacy policies and detailed information about the collection and transfer of your personal data, about the rights that you are entitled to have as well as about how to obtain a satisfying privacy setting in all the social networks.

3. Likewise, we inform users that just by participating in the contest they are giving their consent to the use of their personal data by TOSKANI, S.L. with the sole purpose of managing the participation in the promotion and/ or contest, authorizing the management and use of the necessary personal data for the operating management of the contest, the contestant user giving their expressed consent: the publication of their data, images and/ or comments on the profiles of the social networks of TOSKANI, S.L., Web pages held in their name, as well as where they consider appropriate, its publication. The user is entitled to ACCESS, RECTIFY, CANCEL or OPPOSE in: PASSATGE CIUTADANS 4, 08005- BARCELONA.



1. TOSKANI, S.L. reserves the right to cancel any participation on any contestant, if they have any suspicion of incorrect manipulation of the data or the contest.

2. TOSKANI, S.L reserves the right to refuse or exclude the participation in the contest and in general in the promotion by any contestant that may not meet the described requirements in these participation conditions and terms or not adhere to the rules or purposes of the contest.

3. TOSKANI, S.L is not to be held responsible for possible losses of data due to problems of electronic mail and/ or malfunction of Facebook.

4. In addition, TOSKANI, S.L excludes any responsibility for damages and losses of any kind that, although the adopted security measures, may be due to the misuse of the services and the contents by the users, and, in particular, although not exclusively, by damages and losses of all kinds that may be due to identity theft by a third party in any kind of communication carried out though the portal.

5. Likewise, TOSKANI, S.L excludes all responsibility for damages and losses of any kind that may be derived due to improper use, manipulation or trimming that users or non-authorized third parties may carry out regarding the general content of this page, as well as the infringement of intellectual property rights that may be produced, for noncompliance of the established requirements on this page.

Facebook does not sponsor, endorse or manage in any way this promotion or contest, and it is not related to it, TOSKANI, S.L being responsible for it.