• 2016 Toskani International Seminar

    2016 Toskani International Seminar

    From February 2nd to the 3rd took place the 3rd edition of our annual international seminar at Toskani Cosmetics. This event gathers Toskani distributors from all around the globe to share knowledge, experiences and new product launches.



    During the first day, we went through the results of 2015 and presented 3 new products that will be available shortly:




    ECPR - Eye Cocktail Poli Revitalizing

    A peptide rejuvenating complex indicated to improve the appearance of bags, dark circles and fine lines located in the periorbital area.


    HCPR - Hair Cocktail Poli Revitalizing

    Polirevitalizing peptide complex indicated to increase capillary density by strengthening roots and stimulating hair follicles.


    Fenol TCA Peel

    The benefits of the Fenol TCA Easy peel are a substantial improvement of the skin texture, tightening effect that attenuates wrinkles and help in reducing signs of aging. By removing the top layers of the skin, a finer and smoother skin is born, with a lighter tone and free of the imperfections that have been accumulated over time. Toskani Fenol TCA Easy causes cell regeneration which stimulates the production of new natural collagen, and improves the production of elastin and facilitates the tightening effect. Because it is a medium-depth chemical peel, the results of a Fenol TCA Easy procedure last longer than superficial peels and its effects are immediate.





    In addition, we also launched our new device: TKNmesoject.


    The TKNmesoject is a syringe-like device and virtual scalpel that combines the action of Sonoporation (low frequency ultrasounds), Radiofrequency and Electroporation (modulated electric pulses) for active ingredients transdermal delivery and skin rejuvenation.


    Ms. Gemma Comabella, our Toskani Beauty Trainer, made a demo on how to use the different technologies that offers the TKNmesoject, by using them both separately and in duo technique (two at the same time). Additionally, she performed a new Spot Out Kit treatment protocol to maximize the effect of our already top seller for depigmentation treatments.




    And that was not all! We had the pleasure to count with the presence of Dr. Karen Bozoyan, Dr. Sergey Ostapchuk and Dr. Valentyn Ukrvolochanskyi, whom offered different demos on peelings and biorevitalization techniques. Dr. Karen Bozoyan and Dr. Sergey Ostapchuk were likewise introduced as our trainers.


    On the second day of the event, we had to pleasure once more to have Dr. Britta Knoll who is president to the German Society of Mesotherapy and former vice-president of the International Mesotherapy Association. Dr. Britta was as always very instructive in showing new techniques and treatments delighting all of the attendees.


    We hope to see you all next year!


    We care!



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